Please find below a list of seminars currently confirmed for the World Shakespeare Congress 2016 programme.

Please note that World Shakespeare Congress 2016 delegates may attend one seminar, for which they must register in advance. Involvement in a seminar or workshop will mean working as part of a group in the run-up to the Congress. Registration has now closed.

Seminar registration will involve selecting three seminar titles, in order of preference. Seminar places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The Congress Committee will endeavour to place all applicants according to their first option, and, where this is not possible, according to their second, and subsequently, their third option.

If you have any queries, please fill out our contact form.

  • “Alimental Shakespeare”
    Amy L. Tigner (University of Texas, United States), Karen Raber (University of Mississippi, United States), David B. Goldstein (York University, Canada)




  • “Cosmological Bodies”
    Rebecca Totaro (Florida Gulf Coast University, United States), Darryl Chalk (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)




  • “Digital Shakespeare: Audiences and Scholars”
    Siobhan Keenan ( De Montfort University Leicester, United Kingdom), Erin Sullivan (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), Suzanne Westfall ( Lafayette College, USA), Penelope Woods (Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom)


  • “Everyday Shakespeare”
    Tom Rutter (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom), Katherine Attie (Towson University, United States)




  • The Histories
    Jean E. Howard (Columbia University, United States), Andreas Höfele (Munich University, Germany)



  • King Lear and its Versions”
    Michael Neill (University of Auckland, New Zealand), David Schalkwyk (Queen Mary University of London and University of Warwick, United Kingdom)



  • “Notions of Influence in Shakespeare’s Work
    Christy Desmet (University of Georgia, United States), Donatella Pallotti (University of Florence, Italy), Paola Pugliatti (University of Florence, Italy), Robert Sawyer (East Tennessee State University, United States)




  • “Performances at Court”
    Sophie Chiari (University of Clermant-Ferrand, France), John Mucciolo (Independent Scholar, United Kingdom)









  • “Shakespeare and Music”
    David Lindley (Emeritus Leeds University, United Kingdom), Pierre Iselin (L’Université Paris-Sorbonne, France)




  • “Shakespeare, Collaboration, and Co-Creation”
    Matthias Bauer (Tuebingen University, Germany), John Cox (Hope College, United States), David Scott Kastan (Yale University, United States), Angelika Zirker (Tuebingen University and Berlin University, Germany)



  • “Shakespeare in Colour”
    Camilla Caporicci (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany / University of Perugia, Italy), Armelle Sabatier (University of Paris II, France)