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Cambridge University Press is renowned for publishing the very highest quality research and scholarly editions in the fields of literature and drama.

We are at the front of the digital revolution in the humanities, with a number of unique and innovative online products, such as the complete works of Ben Jonson online, our Orlando textbase of women’s writing, and upcoming platforms devoted to Shakespeare and to editions of key writers.

Cambridge is proud of publishing the finest list in Shakespeare studies, including the accessible New Cambridge Shakespeare edition of the works, which appeals to students worldwide for its up-to-date scholarship and emphasis on performance, and Shakespeare Survey, the foremost journal in Shakespearean studies founded in 1948. Cambridge also publishes the best academic monographs, student coursebooks and reference products that support and expand Shakespearean study globally.

As we mark the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, we shall be following key themes and controversies relating to the life, legacy and the different worlds of Shakespeare, travelling from Stratford to London, taking in his fellow dramatists and expanding the scene through international encounters on stage, media and film.

We will be offering free chapters from prestigious books and articles from Shakespeare Survey every month to celebrate the reach of Shakespeare’s global reputation, as well as attending key conferences through the year to bring you the very best in global Shakespeare scholarship. Find out more at


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