2016 hosts

The hosts for the World Shakespeare Congress 2016 were brought together by the International Shakespeare Association. For information regarding the ISA please visit the ISA page.

The Executive Committee of the ISA congratulates the team from Stratford and London who put together the winning bid for the right to host this tenth Congress: Professor Michael Dobson (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham); Rev. Dr Paul Edmondson (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust); Dr Farah Karim- Cooper (Shakespeare’s Globe); Professor Gordon McMullan (King’s College London); Jacqui O’Hanlon (Royal Shakespeare Company); Dr Diana Owen (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust); Patrick Spottiswoode (Shakespeare’s Globe); and Professor Ann Thompson (King’s College London).

These distinguished Shakespeareans, who bring together an extraordinary range of gold-standard scholarly, cultural, and artistic organizations, have worked in partnership with the Congress and Executive Committees of the ISA to commemorate Shakespeare’s life, works, and world-wide legacy in a dazzling programme of scholarly, performance, and cultural events.

Affiliated hosts

The Congress is also supported by affiliated hosts. These are as follows:

Should you wish to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities for this event please contact the local organising committee via the contact form.